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Discussion in 'General Jazz Discussions' started by LASaxman, May 11, 2017.

  1. LASaxman

    LASaxman Active Member

    I don't know if anybody comes around to read this, but I finally caught up to the 21st century and got a smart phone. Of course, being unreasonably prejudiced against Apple, I got a Samsung Android phone.

    I mention this because I loaded it up with the last 10 Blindfold Tests (101-110) and I've been listening to them for a couple of weeks. I find that I'm enjoying them much more since I am under no pressure to write anything about them. I also bought a new (used car) about a year ago, which has a sound system with Bluetooth capability. That means I can easily listen to the music stored on my phone as I drive around, and the fidelity is really pretty good.

    I hope all the old 52nd Street denizens are doing OK. Personally, I've had my ups and downs, but I'm still hanging in there.
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  2. Bluetrain

    Bluetrain Active Member

    jacksonville, fl
    Hi David, good to hear from you and that you are doing OK. I'm doing OK, too, just some internal plumbing issues that need patching up every so often. I think the official definition of senior citizen is "has more than one doctor." I have a smart phone but I don't use much of the technology its capable of. i think the salesman told me my car has bluetooth capabilities, but that's just another thing I haven't looked into. Since all of my at home music listening and watching is from youtube, my car is the only place I play my CDs. And I need 2,000 less of them than I own. If I ever get up the ambition to box them up, the city library is going to find piles of them on their doorstep one morning.

    Stay well.
  3. Rudy

    Rudy ♪♫♪♫♫♪♪♫♪♪ Staff Member

    A few years ago, I ripped all of my discs to a Synology server, and play them back via a network player. (Currently using an Oppo BDP-105 for that, but am looking at getting the Oppo Sonica DAC and having Modwright do their tube output stage modification to it.) Otherwise, I'll play the music back via a computer or tablet, or albums are easily copied to an SD card or USB thumb drive to play in the car. I also keep a Tidal membership going so I can play anything I don't yet have.

    Yet I still play a lot of vinyl at home. :wink:
  4. J. Robert Bragonier

    J. Robert Bragonier Maitre d' Forums Staff Member

    Hi, Guys! Rudy, please ignore the e-mail I just sent you; I found out my e-mail change was accepted, even though I couldn't remember my old one, so I'm fine.

    Hey, David and Ken, here's an 80-year-old fart who's still kickin' and lovin' life! I'm in my 15th year teaching jazz history courses (16 of them now in total) and still goin' strong. We took 21 class members out to the Lighthouse in Hermosa Beach this morning for a live jazz field trip (the Mike Barone Big Band never sounded better...)

    My dozen-year-old iPod Classic died a couple weeks ago, and I ended up having to get two iPod Touches, because I couldn't get the 15,000+ tracks I had on the old one (160 gigs) on just one, and neither Apple nor anyone else makes a big enough player for me to use. I put my classical music on a 64 gig Touch, and my jazz music on a 128 gig Touch. And it only cost me $550. <Holy ****!> So, now, I've got all these apps (and two cameras) that I have absolutely no need for... I knew I always hated those Apple guys!

    I belonged to eMusic for several years and got quite a bit of music from them. But, since both my Touches are nearly full now, I just canceled my eMusic membership. I've really gotta quit buying music...
  5. LASaxman

    LASaxman Active Member


    What is your new email address? Peter Cherches was asking me how to get in touch with you. I guess I probably gave him your old address. He did a performance at Beyond Baroque in Venice last September.

    BTW, I've been using my Android phone as a music player. With the added mini-SD card it has quite a bit of memory.
  6. J. Robert Bragonier

    J. Robert Bragonier Maitre d' Forums Staff Member

    Hi, David! I appreciate that you are playing around town quite a bit; we're just not getting out for much live jazz these days; call it "feeling our age..."

    I did hear from Pete, and I was hoping I could get out to hear him when he was here, but Barbara was not feeling well, and I just didn't make it. Actually, my e-mail address has not changed; it is still randb.bragonier@verizon.net.

    I did solve my iPod problem, but I had to buy two iPods to do it (one has 64 gigs, the other, 128 gigs). I put my classical mp3 collection on the first, and my abbreviated jazz collection on the second. I've never put any music on my Android phone, which I have used for years...

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