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A word about your information privacy.

At the Speakeasy Forums and our associated sites, we may ask that visitors register with the forum in order to access certain features and content not available to guests. As part of that process, we collect certain information in order to enable a user account, including a unique user ID, password and email address.

Member email addresses are kept private at all times, and are only accessible to forum staff. The Speakeasy and associated sites are dedicated to keeping member information as private as possible, and will not use your email address for purposes other than contacting members regarding important forum information, or broadcasting periodic news updates as required for operation of the forum.

As part of a member's profile, each member has the ability to turn on or off the ability of other members to contact them using email. No member email address is visible, but the email will be processed and sent by the forum system on a member's behalf, so that email address will never be shown via the forum software. Be aware that the message recipient will receive your email address as part of the communication. To maintain tighter privacy, please make use of our Personal Conversations (known elsewhere as "private messages") to contact others.

Beyond that, the Speakeasy and associated sites will never give your email address or other personal profile information to any third party.

Parts of a member's profile are public, by nature of the forum system. It is up to each member to decide which information they are comfortable sharing with the rest of the forum membership, or the public at large. The forum has controls to limit what can be displayed, and each member can add as much, or as little, information about themselves as they see fit.

Finally, the Speakeasy and associated sites may make use of analytics and advertising, where some services may store a cookie on the user's computer. Nothing more than anonymous data is shared by these cookies.

Mar 9, 2011
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