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Our forum guidelines (or rules and policies) are spelled out on this page.

Thank you for visiting the Speakeasy Forums! We hope that your stay will be an enjoyable one. With that in mind, we have a set of guidelines by which our members conduct themselves during their visits. Being an adult-oriented site with a family-friendly policy, our moderating policies are relaxed but fair. In short, we all know how to conduct ourselves in the company of others!

Our guidelines are simple: respect others, keep your messages family-friendly, and avoid known problematic topics. In more exact terms:

  • • Respect others. Personal attacks on fellow members or persons outside the forum are not allowed, as are attacks on companies and organizations. Respect other members' opinions: use intelligent debate instead of attacking a person or their opinions, and start another topic if you have an opposing viewpoint, rather than "thread crapping."
  • • Keep messages family-friendly. Profanity, pornographic or vulgar content, or anything similar would not fit into our topics very well.
  • • Avoid topics involving politics, religion, racism, hate, warez or illegal downloads, or anything else of questionable content. Not sure? Ask a staff member, or don't post it at all.
  • • Fill out your, scratch that.
  • • Good grammar and proper language skills are encouraged. No "texting" or "l33t speak" will be tolerated, nor will ALL CAPS or messages written entirely in lowercase. Make it easy on fellow members--keep it readable.
  • • Issues with staff and their decisions, or our forum guidelines, should be dealt with privately using our Personal Conversations, not publicly in the forums.

The staff reserves the right to alter and adjust the rules as needed, without prior notice. Likewise, staff is empowered to make judgement calls when warranted to deal with emergent situations.

Finally, please make a habit of checking our Forum Business area for updates regarding the forum, whether it's software-related, new features added, server notices, policy changes, or anything else that affects the operation of the forum. We will post all such notices in this area, in order to make it easier for our members to keep up with relevant forum information.

And now, having dispensed with the formalities, head back into our forums and enjoy!

Feb 23, 2011
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